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George L. McCarron Indoor Range: Archery, Pistol and .22 Caliber Rifle

  • The George L. McCarron indoor range is located within the clubhouse adjacent to the main hall.
  • The range, accessible by Card Key, is open 24/7 except for scheduled competitions and club events. Please check our Events Page for events and closures.
  • There are eight firing stations.
  • The spent lead bullets are trapped by a steel barrier and then slide down the backstop into catch baskets for removal and recycling.
  • Any caliber handgun is allowed EXCEPT NO MAGNUMS
  • .22LR rifles are allowed in the indoor range however no centerfire rifles are allowed inside
  • Jacketed ammo IS allowed
  • The range is shared with an archery range. When the area is used for archery, the center “bullet barrier” must be moved to allow the backstops to be positioned for archery. The two backstops are swung out from either side of the range in front of the firearm backstop. These backstops are rolled back against the side walls and the bullet barriers are repositioned to facilitate firearm use.
  • No broad heads allowed only field target points.
  • Each member is allowed two guests at one time and is responsible for supervising his/her guest(s) at all times. The guest’s fee $3 (three dollars) per guest. Deposit guest fee in box on range.
  • No rapid fire, shooting while moving, fast draw, drawing from a holster, hip, or holster shooting
  • Use common sense. If you have any inkling that it might not be legal to do something you are probably right, therefore don't do it.
The range may not be used for archery and firearms simultaneously. If someone is using the range for firearms, inform them that you wish to use the range for archery. The member has 45 minutes to finish their session. Likewise, if an archer is using the range they must finish their session within 45 minutes.

     George L. McCarron joined the club on January 1, 1959. Instrumental in founding the Pistol Team in 1962, he served as captain for over forty years and is an accomplished Master Shooter in many disciplines. An active Range Safety Officer and tireless volunteer in Club activities, George is dedicated to firearm safety education and Club programs which introduce the shooting disciplines to women, youth and the community.
     A veteran of the United States Army and avid military historian, he established the Club's popular Military Matches. His professional civil engineering expertise is invaluable during facility and range upgrades. George's quiet leadership, dedication to sportsmanship, commitment to his teammates and willingness to work to shape the future of the Club make him a valued mentor and exemplary role model for Club members.

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