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Outdoor Range Rifle and Handgun Safety Rules

1. Hours: The range, accessible by Card Key, is open at the following times except for scheduled competitions and club events. Please check our Events Page for events and closures.

  • Monday – Saturday 9 AM to 8 PM or sunset - whichever is earlier.
  • Sunday & Holidays - 10 AM to 8 PM or sunset - whichever is earlier
  • Please check our Events Page for events and closures.

2. Eye & Ear Protection must be worn by shooters and non-shooters

3. Posted Rules and Regulations must be read and obeyed by all members and guests.

4. Firearms
  • No 50 cal BMG or Barrett style rifle
  • No fully automatic firearms (machine guns).
  • No firearms down range
  • Muzzles must be pointed down range at all times.
  • All firearms must be in safe condition.
  • All loading and unloading of the firearms on the firing line only.
  • Shotguns are only allowed on positions 1 and 2
5. Targets
  • Target frames provided by the club are the only frames to be used, no exceptions.
  • Wooden target frames used to hold the paper targets are to be placed in
    the fixed holders only
  • Do not move any target holders, hang targets from structure or stick target frames in the ground.
  • No cans, bottles, rocks, bowling pins, water bottles, exploding targets, etc.
  • No targets are to be hung from the baffle system or posts.
  • No ground shooting.
  • No Sky Range – A system of baffles and posts designed so the shooter from the bench cannot see the sky when aiming down range, designed to mitigate the risk of bullets leaving the range. See picture at top of page.
6. Ammunition
  • 10 rounds maximum will be loaded at one time.
  • No armor piercing or tracer rounds.
7. Range lights – Cease Fire
  • Range lights must be ON when anyone is down range.
  • Each person going down range must flip a switch and turn it off upon returning to
  • the firing line.
  • When lights are ON, all firearms will be unloaded with actions open and be placed
    on the bench or in the rack.
  • No one may handle firearms while lights are on.
8. Guests
  • Each member is allowed two guests at one time and is responsible for supervising his/her guest(s) at all times. The guest’s fee $3 (three dollars) per guest. Deposit guest fee in box on range.
9. Firing Rules

  • No rapid fire, shooting while moving, fast draw, drawing from a holster, hipshot, or firing across positions
  • All shooting must be done from behind the firing line (also often referred to as the "bench" or shooting bench, no shooting allowed behind the red line)
  • Use common sense. If you have any inkling that it might not be legal to do something you are probably right, therefore don't do it.
10. Children are the responsibility of the adult member.

11. Club ID must be presented to any member requesting it while on the range.

12. Video surveillance for your and the club's protection is recording 24/7

Violations of these rules will lead to disciplinary action by the board of directors
with possible expulsion from the Club

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