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Shotgun Field Rules
Craig Field

  1. All shooters will obey all commands and or direction of the assigned Range Officer.
  2. Hours – Saturday 9 am to 1pm, Sunday 10am-1pm
  3. Eye and ear protection must be worn by shooters and non-shooters 
  4. Firearms – Any gauge shotgun
  5. No rifle or pistol shooting at any time on the skeet field.
  6. Firearms are to be loaded on firing positions only.
  7. Shooters on the firing line may not leave the station until the firearm is unloaded/spent shells removed and the action open.
  8. Muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  9. All firearms must be in good condition.
  10. Ammunition Target loads only, no magnums Shot size – # 7 ½ to # 9 only
    • 2 Shells maximum loaded for skeet at one time
    • 1 Shell maximum loaded for Trap at one time.
    • 3 Shells maximum loaded for approved special matches at one time.
  11. No vehicles are allowed on the skeet field.
  12. All portable clay target throwers should be placed in the designated area to the far left of the field up the access road. Shooting direction will be away from the Skeet/Trap areas. This area will not be used when main fields are open.
  13. Shooters must pick up empty shells between rounds when done shooting.
  14. All members and guests must read and obey all posted regulations.

Can't make it to the range during normal hours? Thats ok, click here to practice on your own time.

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